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Fisher Habitat Zones

Boreal Habitat Zone

Biogeoclimatic (BEC) subzones within the Boreal Habitat Zone – BWBSdk, BWBSmw, BWBSwk, SBSwk (Peace region only), and ICHwc.

Fisher Habitat Zones

Sub-Boreal Habitat Zone

Biogeoclimatic (BEC) subzones within the Sub-Boreal Implementation Zone. Moist-wet subzones: SBSwk, SBSmc, SBSmh, SBSmk, SBSmm, SBSmw, CWH and ICH. Dry subzones: SBSdh, SBSdk, SBSdw, IDF.

Fisher Habitat Zones

Dry Forest Habitat Zone

Biogeoclimatic (BEC) zones in this Habitat Zone – SBPSxc, SBPSmc, SBPSdc, SBPSmk, IDFdk, IDFmw, IDFdw, IDFww, MSxc, MSxk, MSdv, MSdm, MSdk, MSdc, ICHmk, ICHmw, ICHmk, SBSdw, SBSmc.

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